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[NEW] if diffTpl is a filename, then load it from disk
[NEW] in template #include filename (with %user% e %lang%) (see forum)
[NEW] a command to revert to hfs.old.exe
[NEW] address2name in template (see forum)
[NEW] filter mask based on host, to disconnect who is not using our dyndns
[NEW] mouse hovering the graph, shows the speed and time for that point
[NEW] per-folder no-limit
[NEW] log filter mask
[NEW] to disable single ban rules
[NEW] ban by hostname
[NEW] edit comments for real folders (see forum)
[NEW] a way to pass ini commands through the command line
[MAYBE] move "addresses ever connected" to a specific file
[MAYBE] support mp3ToIon (see forum)
[NEW] download only for
[NEW] account: see all transfers in ~progress
[NEW] limit account to a host mask
[NEW] tray icons for uploads
[NEW] if robots.txt does not exist, an option "don't be listed on search engines"
[FIX] on win9x the editor has 34k limit (see forum)
[FIX] the progress bar is not refreshing during upload on some browser (consider using AHAH)
[FIX] doesn't work with larger system font (see forum)
[FIX] N-Stalker can locally crash HFS
[FIX] dyndns: password is not masked
[NEW] menu -> limits -> temporarily disable all limits
[NEW] menu -> limits -> max speed for each address
[NEW] option to display counter for folders as number of accesses instead of total access to files in it
[NEW] autodeleting accounts
[NEW] on update, propose a link to the "what's new" page
[NEW] add special folder (expert mode): let you specify a special folder, like documents, or manually enter a path (useful for relative paths), or GUID
[NEW] logs rotation (hfs always append)
[NEW] double address bar, one for LAN and one for the Internet (see forum)
[NEW] per user diff-tpl (apply both folder and user diff-tpl.s, and let the user decide priority, default:user,folder)
[NEW] "Folder image mask", a file mask indicating the external file that should be used as icon (~img_folder)
[NEW] to be able to add icons from multi-icon files (like shell32.dll)
[NEW] installer (saving to registry, and making ini-file the new default, don't ask for shell menu)
[NEW] upload tpl: add file entries dinamically (see forum)
[NEW] support unicode filenames (FindFirstFileW. Cannot be done because widgets don't support unicode)
[CHG] show "(home)" instead of "/" in VFS
[NEW] show updateinfo notice also in autocheck
[NEW] top10 downloaded files
[NEW] after the self test fails, and a router problem is detected, prompt a wizard for (extract routers list)
[NEW] %list-files% %list-folders% %list-links% (this may be achieved by the following)
[NEW] a way to have N alternative templates, not only filelist.tpl
[NEW] export vfs map as txt/html
[NEW] a way to get bigger icons (client side)
[NEW] specific message for each disabled account
[NEW] search for files including meta information (id3 tag)
[NEW] folder creation (with upload rights)
[NEW] multiupload (google: flash upload)
[MAYBE] support shortcut to folders in real-folders
[CHG] save custom icons in VFS only once
[NEW] dns updater: compare resolved IP with external IP before updating
[NEW] sounds: choose the sound for download,upload,connection (unbind from the flashing)
[NEW] sounds: filemasks for different download sounds
[MAYBE] DNS reverse for ips
[NEW] UPnP ( ( (
[NEW] save to registry in different strings
[NEW] block specified User-Agents
[NEW] loading cfg, if version < current then warn user
[NEW] multi-page browsing (N files/page)
[NEW] auto-ban IP if: bad login X times (with IP exclusion mask)
[NEW] remote file deletion
[NEW] deny listing and download for uploading files
[NEW] upload quota (global and account-based)
[NEW] purge VFS from unexistant items: files, real folders, virtual folders, empty folders
[NEW] custom browser [with an help on how to get a new browser window]
[NEW] admin panel (with stats, and maybe commands)
[NEW] limit bandwidth/downloads/kb by user, by ip
[NEW] windows auth (NLTM? seems to be available in ICS)
[NEW] user groups
[NEW] external text files with list of authorized IP addresses/accounts
[NEW] periodic password changer? (t=1061)
[NEW] thumbnails mode (create thumbnails on addition)
[MAYBE] socks5
[NEW] leaving a message for uploads
[NEW] support file renaming notification
[NEW] multi-language

replace zlibEx with IcsZLibObj
a way to call external software on upload, with additional post data (e.g. virus scan, unzip, etc)
a feature to easily get/copy a remote IP address
file/folder properties
why? fullEncode:=not isDMbrowser;

[NEW] new kind of folder (no more real/virtual folders)

VER 3.5
[NEW] search for files
[NEW] file/folder properties in a window (collect menu commands)
[NEW] undo (multilevel)


[NEW] ftp / webdav