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Version 2.3m
  • Bug fixes
  • Details...
    Version 2.3k
  • Bug fixes
  • Details...
    Version 2.3j
  • Security and bug fixes
  • Details...
    Version 2.3i
  • Security fix
  • Details...
    Version 2.3h
  • Bugs fixed
  • Details...
    Version 2.3g
  • Bugs fixed
  • Details...
    Version 2.3f
  • Security fix
  • Details...
    Version 2.3e
  • Small fixes
  • Details...
    Version 2.3d
  • Security fixes
  • Details...
    Version 2.3c
  • Security fixes
  • Details...
    Version 2.3b
  • Security fixes
  • Details...
    Version 2.3a
  • Self-test fixed
  • Details...
    Version 2.3
  • Faster file transfer
  • Brand new template
  • Delete files remotely
  • Scripting system, for both template and automation
  • Account groups
  • More
  • Details...
    Version 2.2f
  • Bug and security fixes
  • Details...
    Version 2.2e
  • Bug and security fixes
  • Details...
    Version 2.2d
  • Bug fixes
  • Details...
    Version 2.2c
  • Security fixes
  • Details...
    Version 2.2b
  • Bug fixes
  • Details...
    Version 2.2a
  • Bug fixes
  • Details...
    Version 2.2
  • Folder archive: download a folder with 1 click
  • Anti-leeching system (download accelerators)
  • better USB drive support
  • Improved usability
  • Lot of new features
  • Many bug fixes
  • Details...
    Version 2.1d - build #088
  • UTF8 support improved
  • bug fixes
  • Details...
    Version 2.1d - build #086
  • template features: section aliasing, new symbols, graph colors, better UTF8 support
  • many bug fixes
  • Details...
    Version 2.1c - build #071
  • UTF8 support
  • bug fixes
  • Details...
    Version 2.1b
  • autocheck updates
  • bug fixes
  • Details...
    Version 2.1a
  • many bug fixes
  • Details...
    Version 2.1
  • improved usability
  • fingerprints
  • external comments
  • bind to single network interface
  • [file.EXT] sections in template
  • many bug fixes
  • Details...
    Version 2.0b

    [FIX] problem with Login and IE

    Version 2.0a
  • boosted startup download speed
  • bug fixes
  • Details...
    Version 2.0
  • Upload
  • Default file mask
  • Easy/Expert mode
  • Load comments from external files
  • Dynamic DNS updater
  • IP-ranges
  • Self Test
  • Uninstall
  • Flag files added recently
  • Apache log file format
  • Autoupdate (automatic download & replace)
  • For full list check the website
  • Details...
    Version 1.6a
  • many bug fixes
  • Details...
    Version 1.6
  • LOGIN button (browsing)
  • support for external links in the VFS: File Menu -> `New link`
  • customizable 401 and 403 HTTP error pages
  • customizable ban page
  • faster page generation
  • more XP styled
  • support for default favicon.ico (i saw Mozilla using it)
  • new HTML template symbols
  • File hint now additionally displays: users, files/folders filter, realm
  • fixed possible DoS attack
  • 4GB single file limit removed
  • many bug fixes
  • Details...
    Version 1.5g

    [NEW] wildcards (*,?) allowed in Bans window

    [NEW] Menu -> Virtual File System -> "List files with attribute"

    [NEW] Menu -> Virtual File System -> "List files with attribute"

    [NEW] Menu -> Virtual File System -> "List protected items only for allowed users"

    [NEW] username is shown in Log and in Connections box

    [NEW] more distinction between main tray icon and download icons

    [NEW] Log Menu -> "Font"

    [CHG] moved some options here and there

    [CHG] new GIF library: made by Anders Melander

    [FIX] virtual sub-items of an autoupdated folder were listed also at deeper levels

    [FIX] log font is wrong on some systems

    [FIX] 2GB limit removed on several things (like status bar)

    [FIX] problem with HEAD requests (0 bytes)

    Version 1.5f

    [NEW] Dual mode ban list: ban/allow

    [NEW] Log menu -> "Log file"

    [NEW] File Menu -> "Hide tree"

    [FIX] hang on starting

    Version 1.5e

    [FIX] adding an auto-updated folder can cause AV

    [FIX] "speed limit" was not able to get over 10k/s

    Version 1.5d

    [NEW] Menu -> Other Options -> "Persistent connections"

    [FIX] files remained blocked (open)

    [FIX] prevents Windows from shutting down

    Version 1.5c

    [NEW] improved speed/cpu usage

    [NEW] Menu -> Other Options -> "Send HFS identifier"

    [FIX] on some systems HFS refuses to open any port for listening

    [FIX] the "no download" timeout was reset only at download start, and not downloading

    [FIX] unstable while user browsing if a "speed limit" was set

    [FIX] files bigger 2Gb+ were not handled

    [FIX] ban was not immediate

    [FIX] the check for duplicate files was case sensitive

    [FIX] AV if quit occours while uploading

    Version 1.5

    [NEW] now the statusbar shows the total bytes sent

    [NEW] Menu -> Other Options -> "Users"

    [NEW] Menu -> "URL encoding"

    [NEW] Menu -> Tray Icons -> "Tray message"

    [NEW] Menu -> Other Options -> "Getright browser specific HTML"

    [NEW] Menu -> Other Options -> "Auto-save VFS on exit"

    [NEW] File Menu -> "Get passworded URL"

    [NEW] File Menu -> "Access for users"

    [NEW] File Menu -> Filters

    [NEW] File Menu -> Expand/Collapse

    [NEW] different tray icon when the server is offline

    [NEW] items can be added to an autoupdated folder

    [NEW] customizable "server full" page

    [NEW] user/pass validation on user input

    [NEW] statusbar: [not saved] appears when the VFS is edited

    [FIX] you was unable to set a local address if an internet address was available

    [FIX] "Hide" should not be available for the root item

    [FIX] other minor fixes