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The Upload feature only works with real folders.

[edit] Step-by-step

First, define a real folder. To do this:

  • Add a folder.
  • Choose real folder.
  • You should now see a RED folder in your virtual file system, inside HFS.
  • Right click on this folder.
  • Set Upload → upload for accounts → anyone

Now anyone who has access to your HFS server can upload files to you.

[edit] Restrict

There are many ways to restrict access to upload. Here are some

Restrict access to the folder
Right-click on the folder → restrict access → select accounts.
Restrict the upload itself
In the step-by-step procedure above, don't click on anyone but select only the accounts you wish to allow.
Hide the folder
Right-click on the folder → hide. Now no-one can see your folder, so only people who know the folder is there can access it by typing the correct address.
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