HFS: Working with uploads

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The Upload feature only works with real folders.


First, define a real folder. To do this:

  • Add a folder.
  • Choose real folder.
  • You should now see a RED folder in your virtual file system, inside HFS.
  • Right click on this folder.
  • Set Upload → upload for accounts → anyone

Now anyone who has access to your HFS server can upload files to you.


There are many ways to restrict access to upload. Here are some

Restrict access to the folder
Right-click on the folder → restrict access → select accounts.
Restrict the upload itself
In the step-by-step procedure above, don't click on anyone but select only the accounts you wish to allow.
Hide the folder
Right-click on the folder → hide. Now no-one can see your folder, so only people who know the folder is there can access it by typing the correct address.