Use HFS to host a website

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Classic webservers are used to publish one or more websites. They operate in a simple way: you just need to indicate the location of a folder that contains files to be published.

You Need to be in Expert Mode.

You can also do this with HFS. Just follow these steps:

  1. In the Virtual File System window, right-click on root (the little house) and click bind root to real-folder.
  2. Select the folder containing files for the website.
  3. Right-click root again -> Advanced, and click default file mask.
  4. Type index.htm*.

The name "index.htm*" is normally ok, but your particular main page file may have a different name, such as "default.html"; check it out.

HFS does not support server side scripting such as PHP or ASP but rather its own proprietary scripting called macros. Macros must be done in the template however, as they will not be executed in HTML files that HFS simply sees as files to be downloaded, not processed.

HFS is not designed to publish websites.