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Trajectus is an Agile workshop with application development and deployment platform supporting open and standard technology. We rely on the Agile methodology and its application development process to streamline application design and development through visual modelling, instant code generation and automatic deployment. Being an Agile implementer, we adopt the incremental and iterative process of application development. We create frameworks and an environment to enable faster development, improve developer productivity, and reduce time to market.

We have needed cross-platform experience and expertise resource staff to develop customized applications based on the specific requirements of the customer. We can assume complete responsibility for analysis, design, development, testing, and deployment or we can work collaboratively with your existing team. The mobile revolution is upon us. Mobile technology has changed the way people share information, collaborate, interact, and connect. By 2019, 66% of all internet traffic will originate from non-PC devices. 7.9 million people are connected through global mobile devices. Trajectus with its resources, experience, and mobility practice can build end-to-end mobile solutions enabled to meet business goals.