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Posting here because Rejetto Forums says: "I'm feeling sick" and won't let me post in the documentation thread... I'll repost this later when the forums work...

I filled in the Webserver and the Template section for the HFS wiki. Its very brief but its a start. Hopefully someone can edit the wiki and explain how to use HFS better.

On the Webserver wiki: Is there a simpler way to get a default web site to run? I clutter up my Virtual File System with all the files my website needs to run. Somehow I feel I don't understand how this works properly. Or if I do understand it correctly, can I suggest a future feature to designate a folder as the default home page?

On the Template wiki: My html sucks. I cut a lot of the text from the Help section in the HTML template. Someone please help me edit the format to look better...

To Rejetto: Awesome software, the more I learn about how to use it the better I like it. Its leaps and bounds easier and more efficient to use than any other web server software I've used. Apache just requires too much coding without any GUI. The Virtual File System is an awesome feature.

My vote for next things to add would be: 1. copy/delete files/folders 2. auto-thumbnails (this will make most gallery softwares obsolete!) 3. php or some forum feature.

Thanks again for the great software!

reply by rejetto

the sickness is caused by the spam filter. ;) you are posting some "bad" word as anonymous, you can solve this in many ways

  1. give me your post, and i will try to fix the filter to not block it
  2. try to find the bad word yourself, and change the post to not be filtered
  3. register and login on the forum, registered users are not filtered

about the web publishing thing, yes, there is a better way, i will change your article ASAP

ok, fixed

the sickness was a bug i introduced upgrading the forum software. now it has been fixed.

rejetto 23:38, 13 April 2006 (CEST)