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Everyone is welcome to contribute to this wiki.

Remember our motto: "Everything is difficult the first time you do it."
This implies that at first, the wki should concentrate on helping first-time and beginning users; help for experts comes later.
"Main Icon A second objective is to get this as complete as possible for HFS 2.1

You are not prohibited from writing about older versions (although it's difficult to see why anyone would want to), but you should make it very clear exactly which version you are writing about.

Incidentally, if anyone wonders about what's normally called the "Documentation Problem" --- MicroSoft employ around 75 full-time professional writers permanently devoted to the Help and user-documentation for just one product -- Word. As their development cycle nears its end, this number rises to over 300.
Fortunately, HFS doesn't raise such demands, and anyway, the codes probably better written too.

Sources of information

If you are in search of information about writing in a wiki, Help is the best we've found, so far. Many find this Formatting a very useful information source for layout details.

Graphics (or images in wiki-speak) seem genuinely difficult to manipulate. The best source seems to be Images.


The above sources suggest that "If you want to try out things without danger of doing any harm, you can do so in the Meta:Sandbox".

However, we'd far rather you used your personal sandbox. You can find this under "Personal tools" in the tool bar on the right of the screen. It matches your wiki username.

Editing policy

We'd also like to remind you that, under the terms of the Project Copyright Licence, "If you don't want your writing to be edited mercilessly and redistributed at will, then don't submit it here."


Throughout this wiki you'll see mysterious PHnote markers. These simply indicate to a contributor, whose initials happen to be PH, that something here needs to be fixed. You're welcome to adopt the same technique, but please use your own initials so that we can contact you in case of difficulty.


Wrong way to do menus

Set Upload → upload for accounts → anyone

Right! way (matches software, uses italic font, and no spaces)

Set Upload→Upload for accounts→Anyone

Graphic handling

We haven't yet worked out the best way to handle screen dumps and other pictures. These are just experiments right now.

Error creating thumbnail: File missing

Click to enlarge

First screen

One limitation is the disappointingly small size of graphic this wiki can apparently accomodate. This seems to be about the maximum width.

First screen

Error creating thumbnail: File missing

Click to enlarge

This suggests that the maximum safe size is a width of 480 pixels (12.6 centimetres). Height is not so important, although the above is 280 pixels (7.6 centimetres).

The absolute maximum size is a width of 500 pixels (13.2 centimetres):

Max size

Aesthetic purists might note that "Golden Rectangle" ideal heights for 500 pixels are 810 pixels and 310 pixels. For 480 pixels, 778 pixels and 298 pixels.

This frame might be useful:


See also HFS: Gallery

This is actually an example of a tiny 2x 2 table.

Style notes English usage guidelines.
Graphic experiment Yet another sandbox.