Xbox 360 Stealth Patching

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Ensure your games are properly patched, This awesome software suite automaticly patches and gives a report – green for safe and red for wait for the patch (usually within a few days of release). Don’t get caught with your pants down using inferior solutions. E4360 has broken down the process into baby steps even a 10 year old can follow to download xbox 360 games that are safe and stealth patched. Windows, Mac & Linux software included.

Dont stress out, we’ve encountered every possibility of how to download xbox 360 games to your console. So we got your back when it comes to all the easy to miss details. All the processes are broken down for you in explicit detail, utilize videos to guide you through the steps. Or follow along with the PDF as you watch.

In case you didnt know there is a very specific process to burn and download xbox 360 games, we detail the process and provide all the necessary software, instant download! Includes Xbox 360 Game Burning software for windows, mac and linux.