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Folder Archives are used to download an entire folder as an archive. An archive is a single file containing many files and folders.

Generally speaking, archives may come in several formats. HFS offers at the moment only the .tar format. It is supported by most archive software. Folder archives do not offer any compression for the downloaded files, instead they only offer the ability to download the entire folder in one click compared to many.

To manually archive download a folder. Add ?folder.tar to the URL when inside the folder.

Enable/Disable Folder Archives

  • Check that you are in expert mode, If not switch to expert mode.
  • Right Click On Folder → Archivable

Notes --

  • Folder Archives are enabled by default for the root folder.
  • You Must be in expert mode to enable/disable Folder Archives.
  • The tick next to Archivable means that it is enabled.

Archive Support In Templates

void unless 'Archivable' is set for the folder you are browsing, then it expands to [archive], where you are supposed to put a link to ~folder.tar?recursive.
valid in [folder] section. void unless 'Archivable' is set for the listed folder, then it expands to [item-archive], where you are supposed to put a link to %item-url%~folder.tar?recursive.

Notes --

  • ?recursive is optional, only functional if 'Recusive Listing' is enabled.