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In HFS you won't find groups actually, but account linking. It's a much more powerful way, but you may need to spend some minutes to get used to them.

Account linking is like: this account has also the permissions of another. e.g. joe has also powers fred have.

Get groups working

You can get same functioning of group with account linking. The first thing to understand is that to create a group you must create an account.

Follow these steps

  • create an account called A
  • mark the group option
  • then you go to every account you want to be part of the A group, and fill the linked field with A.
  • done!

File:Groups1.png File:Groups2.png

More on them

If a group has the "no limits" enabled, than every account linking the group has the "no limits".

This is true also for the redirection field.

Go hardcore

It's not always obvious how all this will be working. The logic can be different in some case, so lets see in details.

You can link accounts/groups in any way, like this chart will show you

File:Groups chart.png

What's the result of this mess?

User1 will have any permission you set to it itself, more, any permission of group5, group3, group2 and group1.

User2 will get its own stuff and will inherit the permissions of group4, group2 and group1.

Just remember that linking is one way. E.g. group3 inherits from group2, but group2 is inheriting nothing.